Studio Visits (if any)

A series of meetings - A contribution by Pål Bylund, within the Course Course by Toby Lynas.

Notes before by Pål (if any)

List of topics – in my mind – relating to studio visits:

  • Preperation – Is it necessary to prepare before a studio visit? If so, what
    kind of preperation should one perform? And does this apply to both roles (both “student” and “teacher”)? Since this contribution, for me is about working in a slightly different way, I’ve been hesitant to prepare, although that might not have been the right choice. While writing this I am skimming through a thesis on topic of studio visits, written by Christian Wideberg at Gothenburg University. The thesis addresses pedagogical issues and real life studio visit documentation. I’m reading it to generate thoughts around the studio visits that I am about to do.
  • In common – What is it to have something in common with someone. And how does that degree of common-ness affect a conversation?
  • What is support? – How do you support someone? And is that something to aim at?
  • What is personal? – Is there a too personal? In my own experience, teacher have clearly stated that they don’t want to get to involved in students personal problems and thereby maintaining a particular distance.
  • Role – what exactly is my role in these visits?

Notes after by Pål (if any)

Notes by the visited (if any)